• Original XLSEMI Chip XL6009.
  • DC 5V-32V Input, DC 1.2-35V Output Adjustable.
  • The Max Output Current is 1.5A, max power 20W..
  • Built-in MOSFET,can up to 94% efficiency..
  • Increased enabled port, you can control whether the booster circuit is working..
  • Imported from USA.
1.Brand new original XLSEMI chip 2.SMD electrolytic capacitors 3.Up to 400Khz operating frequency, and LC filter circuit, output ripple is very low. 4.TDK inductance make the heat and noise to a minimum. 5.Input and output three MLCC Multilayer ceramic capacitors, anti-interference and enhance stability. 6.Built-in MOSFET,can up to 94% efficiency. 6.Increased enabled port, you can control whether the booster circuit is working. Features: Module properties: non-isolated boost buck module Input voltage: DC 5-32V Output voltage: DC 1.2-35V continuously adjustable Input current: 4A(max) Output current: 1.5A(max) Output power:20W(natural cooling) Maximum output power = input voltage * 4A * conversion efficiency Operating temperature: Industrial grade (-40 to + 85℃) Full load temperature rise: 45℃ Operating frequency: 400khz No-load current: Typical 15mA (5V turn 12V) Load regulation: ± 0.5% Voltage regulation: ± 0.5% Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS Enable Control Port: Yes, high level 1.4V-VIN (ON), low level 0-0.8V (OFF), the default high level Short circuit protection: None (Please install fuse or protection circuit input) Input reverse polarity protection: None, please with our reverse protection diode board or in the input series. Installation: You can screw fixation(fixing holes 3 mm), 2 fixing holes Connection: welding,add pin can be soldered directly to the PCB Note:This module without PBCA shell. Size:49(L)*23.4(W)*11.4(H) mm(Not include Potentiometer) Netweight: about 15g Package List: 1 x DC-DC Boost&Buck Adjustable Module XL6009

Ailavi XL6009 DC-DC Automatic Boost Buck Converter 5V-32V To 2V-35V Adjustable Voltage Step Up/Down Power Supply Module