• About this item.
  • Quick, gentle constipation relief in 30 minutes to 6 hours.
  • Formulated for kids ages 2-11.
  • Contains magnesium hydroxide, a saline laxative that offers gentle relief without the painful cramping sometimes associated with stimulant laxatives.
  • Saline laxative.
  • Tasty watermelon-flavored chewable tablets.
  • Imported from USA.
Poop happens, but when it doesn't, there's Pedia-Lax. It's the first line of products for regularity and constipation relief made just for kids by the No. 1 trusted name in laxatives. And now Pedia-Lax Probiotic Yums help maintain natural digestive balance. Moms told us they were frustrated with the limited selection of products available to help relieve their children's constipation. So, as the nation's No. 1 laxative brand, our Pedia-Lax professors of Poopology got to work and created this complete line of safe, easy-to-use products for regularity and constipation relief, specially dosed for children

Pedia-Lax Chewable Tablets - 30 ct