• About this item.
  • Lightweight, soothes scalp, hydrates dry, and thirsty hair..
  • It won't fog or bead like other sheen sprays, and it will not weigh hair down..
  • A blend of Vitamin E, Olive Oil, and herbal extracts provide new life to all hair textures..
  • Imported from USA.
The Olive Oil nourishing sheen spray adds a beautiful add shine without weighing down the hair. It provides add shine while restoring the hair natural balance. For over 5000 years Olive Oil has been used as a healing elixir. Proclaimed as liquid gold, Olive Oil is rich in essential fatty acids that impart moisture directly into the scalp and hair shaft. ORS Olive Oil Nourishing Sheen Spray is a non-greasy sheen enhancer created to restore the hair natural moisture balance. This product is able of fluorocarbons and drying alcohols.

ORS Olive Oil Nourishing Sheen Spray infused with Coconut Oil 11.7 oz (Pack of 3)