• APPLE CIDER VINEGAR HAIR MASK CONDITIONER – Our hair mask is naturally anti inflammatory, anti fungal, and antibacterial which makes it perfect for treating and preventing many common hair and scalp issues. It helps remove and ward off bacteria that can cause itchiness and dandruff. Deeply cleanses and penetrates the scalp and hair, making it a superior choice over apple cider vinegar shampoo..
  • BALANCE SCALP AND HAIR PH LEVEL - Your hair's natural pH level is very important for keeping hair cuticles flat and closed, which promotes shiny, soft, and smooth hair. This also helps prevent frizzy hair. Many shampoos disrupt the acidity level and pH balance of the scalp, resulting in dull and limp hair. This apple cider vinegar hair mask for dry hair can help balance your pH level again and promote healthier hair..
  • STIMULATE HAIR GROWTH - Having healthy hair looks and feels great! Use this Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Mask deep conditioner to add luster, softness, and shine to your hair. It promotes scalp health, fighting against problems such as insect bites, lice, and dandruff. Fight hair loss and thinning hair with our moisturizing hair mask..
  • HELP WITH FRIZZY AND TANGLED HAIR - If your scalp and hairs pH level is not balanced, it can result in the cuticle layer opening up and becoming susceptible to dryness, breakage, frizz, tangling and so on. Using this hair mask for dry damaged hair helps close up cuticles, helping to prevent and treat these issues..
  • REJUVENATE DULL AND LIMP HAIR - Our Apple Cider Vinegar removes residue buildup that can cause dull and limp hair. This brings back shine and body to your hair. It also softens rough hair cuticles and fights split ends. Helps promote thicker and fuller hair for soft and long hair..
  • Imported from USA.
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Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Mask for Dry Hair and Scalp - Moisturizing and Deep Conditioning Dry Hair Treatment – Promote Hair Growth, Balance pH Levels, Fights Dandruff and Frizzy Hair - 16 Oz