• SUPER REALISTIC LOOK AND PROVEN VERSATILITY – All The Army Painter miniature terrain and diorama supplies have a realistic look and can be combined for great effects. Use this static grass to start basing your warhammer 40k terrain, for SciFi basing, fantasy basing or any warhammer scenery.
  • GRASS AT ITS BEST - This green scatter flock resembles grass or moss and can be used to cover the entire base or in smaller clumps on top of Brown Battleground..
  • HOW TO USE IT – Add glue onto the base of the finished model, then give it a quick drybrush and carefully dip the base in the pot of the battlefield grass green. It glues easily and looks great. When dry, add grass tufts or/and battlefield rocks for maximum effect.
  • USEFUL AND FUNCTIONAL PACKAGE – The Army Painter Battlefield Grass Green comes in a 150 ml plastic box which makes it easy to apply the grass without having it scattered all over your work area.
  • WHAT FOR? – Ideal for all 15mm and 28mm miniatures, military dioramas, railway sceneries, and any wargaming terrain.
  • Imported from USA.
A special scatter resembling grass or light moss Can be used to cover the entire base or in smaller clumps on top of Brown Battleground

The Army Painter Battlefield Essential Series: Battlefield Grass Green for Miniature Bases and Wargame Terrains - Static Grass for Bases of Miniature Toys, 150 ml

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